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Undergraduate Programs

Our department is composed of accomplished teachers who are also active scholars recognized internationally for their contribution in research, extension, outreach, and service.

We offer three highly ranked undergraduate degrees:

Agricultural Business graduates have an array of careers to choose from. The department boasts a 98.7 percent* job placement rate. In addition to pursuing rewarding careers in the private sector, alumni go on to graduate school in ag and resource economics, business, and law.

Graduates from the Business Economics major are well-suited for careers in upper level management and public service positions or graduate studies in law, economics, and business.

The Economics major has an emphasis on applied and theoretical economics, math and statistics, which provide a solid background for jobs in business, government, international affairs, and the law. Graduates are able to pursue advanced study in economics, political and applied social science.

Ag Business Minor

A minor in Agricultural Business is also offered by the department. Students declaring a minor in Agricultural Business must complete at least 15 credits of selected Economics coursework. 


Program Enhancements


Economics minor

A minor in Economics is also offered by the department. Students declaring a minor in Economics must complete at least 15 credits of Economics coursework. Agricultural Business majors may not declare a minor in Economics. 

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* Percent of graduates responding to survey 6 months after graduation who were either employed, pursuing further education, or military obligations.

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