Comparing 13 Different Carbon Programs

Associate professor Alejandro PlastinaAssociate Professor Alejandro Plastina was interviewed for an episode of the Future of Agriculture podcast that focuses on carbon markets. Plastina appears on Future of Agriculture 346: Comparing 13 Different Carbon Markets with Dr. Alejandro Plastina.

When discussing the motivation behind his report "How to Grow and Sell Carbon Credits in US Agriculture," Plastina told FoA that "We looked into the role of futures’ markets on carbon programs, we looked at the role of labeling and the measuring, reporting, and verification in supporting carbon trading. More recently, we decided to inform our stakeholders about these different carbon programs and how they compare. [We] tried to make clear that there are several types of carbon credits out there, not all of them are related to agriculture and not all of them are for voluntary markets. Informing our stakeholders about the different paths into low-carbon markets—that’s what’s been driving our team."