Zhang: US, China have outbreak at peak time for soybean exports

May 8, 2020

Dr. Wendong ZhangWendong Zhang, assistant professor, was interviewed for a May 7 Marketplace story, "Imports way off as COVID-19 slams into U.S.-China trade."

“Both sides are having the outbreak in the peak demand season for soybean exports,” said Wendong Zhang, assistant professor of economics at Iowa State University.

To most analysts, the Chinese import target was always a long shot — ambitious, pandemic or no. But Zhang sees one way to get there.  

“The only way to do it is to buy some of the products that you would otherwise buy from other countries and now buy from the U.S.,” Zhang said.

In a May 8 World-Grain.com story, "Composition of China’s agriculture exports could change."

“China has the potential and capacity to increase ag exports from the US despite delays due to the coronavirus,” Zhang said. “We may not see a repeat of what we have been seeing in terms of the composition of what we’re selling to China.

“This will also be a more balanced portfolio when we are looking at US agriculture trade.”

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