Zhang survey results on NBC news

August 12, 2019

Dr. Wendong ZhangA survey of 700 farmers in Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota by Wendong Zhang, assistant professor, was the subject of an August 11th story on NBC News, "Farmers back Trump's tariff fight, but don't think it helps them."

The survey, led by ISU Professor Wendong Zhang, found that 57 percent of those farmers somewhat or strongly supported the U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods that brought retaliatory tariffs from the Chinese government. Another 14 percent had neutral feelings about them. Only 30 percent somewhat or strongly opposed the tariffs.

There’s a caveat with those numbers. They come from a survey taken in March and April, before the latest exchange of trade blows between the United States and China. But fundamentally, the trade story has been on a stable trajectory. And, overall, the survey results suggest farmers still support Team Trump’s fight by a solid margin.

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