Zhang interviewed on land ownership

June 6, 2018

Dr. Wendong ZhangWendong Zhang, assistant professor, was interviewed by The New Food Economy , now The Counter, for a story on how almost 40 percent of all farmland is rented out by non-farming landlords.

“You don’t own land for one or three years,” says Wendong Zhang, an extension economist at Iowa State University (ISU). “A quarter of the land in Iowa is owned by the same owner for the last 40 years; half has been owned for over 20 years. So owners are after long-term returns.”

Ann Johanns, extension program specialist, was also interviewed for the story.

“When you have farm owners looking for the top dollar for rental, that often will come at a cost,” says Ann M. Johanns, an extension program specialist at ISU.

Zhang was also interviewed by Japanese Agri News about his Choices article "What Have We Learned from China’s Past Trade Retaliation Strategies?" with Minghao Li and Chad Hart.

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