Zhang interviewed on Biden trade policy

April 29, 2021

Wendong Zhang Asia FirstWendong Zhang, assistant professor, was interviewed for an April 27 Singapore's Channel News Asia's Asia First program on the Biden administration's trade policy for its first 100 days, especially the US-China trade and relations in general. 

"As you look at the agenda for President Biden, trade policy is taking on the back stage, as you mentioned earlier, because there are a lot more other issues to focus on, especially COVID recovery and the vaccine rollout, and rebuilding the political relationships between the allies, as well."

"Because China's hog recovery because of African Swine Fever and also because China wants to maintain a good political will to carry out the obligations they promised in the Phase One deal, there's a surge in imports by China, especially in agricultural products, that the US farmers are seeing record prices, the highest levels since 2014. When you are looking at the impact from the trade policy, there's less complaint compared to two years ago. That lessens the political pressure for President Biden to renegotiate and formally talk about how to remove those tariffs."   




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