Zhang: Farmers support Trump despite China trade losses

October 30, 2020

Dr. Wendong ZhangWendong Zhang, assistant professor, was interviewed for an Oct. 29 ABC News Australia story, "Donald Trump tipped to win farmers' vote in US presidential election, despite China trade war."

Wendon [sic] Zhang, an agriculture economics professor at Iowa State University, did a survey of Midwest farmers last year, and found that 56 per cent supported Mr Trump's tariffs on Chinese products, even though they knew China's tariff relation cost them financially.

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Wendong Zhang, an economics professor at Iowa State University, says this support is partly rooted in these bailout payments. He says farmers experiencing higher income loss are less likely to voice support for the president, but that total farm income has risen this year by $10 billion. This is in large part thanks to the subsidies, which make up 40 percent of total farm income. 

“For the support of the agriculture community, the president will capture the vast majority of voters working in the industry,” says Zhang. 

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