Why Ag Business?

Top 10 reasons to study Agricultural Business at Iowa State

  1. #1 Ag Business Club in the country as recognized nationally by the Student Section of the American Agricultural Economics Association.  There’s no better way to learn, develop your leadership skills, and have FUN at the same time!
  2. More opportunities than at any other school to interact with representatives of agricultural business firms at the largest Ag Career day in the nation, which Iowa State Ag Business students help plan and organize.
  3. Near 100% satisfaction with duties of first jobs after college as reported by recent graduates.
  4. 100% placement of graduates by time of graduation or shortly thereafter.
  5. Iowa State’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Ag Business program specifically are targeted by many agricultural business firms in their recruiting efforts.
  6. Near 100% satisfaction with starting salary offers of first jobs after college as reported by recent graduating seniors.
  7. Independent reviews that rank Iowa State University’s Agricultural Business program among the best in the nation.
  8. A number of award-winning teachers and advisors will work with you on a personal, one-on-one basis.
  9. Numerous opportunities to learn outside the classroom by participating in internships, international travel experiences, and job shadowing.
  10. Large number of free-elective credits enabling you to tailor Iowa State’s Ag Business program to meet your specific career interests.

Advantages of an Ag Business major over other Business majors

  • More training in agriculture
  • More training in Econ and Ag Business
  • Fewer students to compete against in job market (Iowa State, Iowa, U.S.)
  • Can capitalize on ag or rural background, although not required
  • More personal, one-on-one advising
  • Can take advantage of Iowa State’s strong national Ag reputation
  • More flexibility in job market (rural and urban, ag and non ag, Midwest and other)

Advantages of an Ag Business major over other Ag majors

  • More training in Business (Business Management)
  • More training in Econ (& Ag Econ)
  • More training in problem solving/analytical skills
  • Less emphasis on physical and life science courses
  • Take advantage of national reputation of Club and Department.
  • More flexibility in job market