U.S. Embassy Havana Cuba PAS Annual Program

July 12, 2017

Maximum Award: $100,000
Submission Deadline: August 15, 2017
Scientific Research is a non-allowable expense.
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Priority Program Areas:

  1. Proposals that will encourage the growth of small business in Cuba.
  2. Proposals that support agriculture; protect plant and animal health; and advance the understanding of scientific and environmental challenges, including but not limited to:

Agriculture / Plant and Animal Health --- Programs that address shared agricultural concerns including plant and animal sanitation, agricultural trade, irrigation, soil conservation, and prevent the spread of animal and plant pathogens in the U.S. and Cuba through the exchange of information, best practices, scientific collaboration, research, and monitoring.

Environment --- Programs that pertain to sustainable fisheries, marine pollution, endangered marine life, coral reef resilience; wildlife conservation and terrestrial protected areas; collection and exchange of information and joint research in the fields of meteorology, oceanography, and air pollution;

Health --- Programs that increase cooperation in the battle against communicable and non-communicable diseases affecting both U.S. and Cuban populations, including but not limited to Zika, cancer, and diabetes.

    3. Proposals that promote cultural exchange; enhance mutual understanding; contribute to increased technical expertise in cultural professions and the arts; raise awareness for shared history, traditions, and values; and help build arts management capacity.