Swenson: Midsize cities and nonmetro areas struggle most

February 12, 2020

David SwensonDavid Swenson, associate scientist, was interviewed for a Feb. 11 Clinton Herald story, "Economist: Iowa needs new policies to save rural areas."

So for Swenson, the biggest thing that needs to be done in reaction to the Iowa Business Council report is to stop the bleeding. “I’ve been doing this for decades and what I’m most interested in is stabilizing because the midsize cities and the nonmetropolitan areas are the ones that are struggling the most. If we can’t do more on a policy basis to stabilize those communities, which are employment centers, I believe that rural decline is going to accelerate.”

Swenson also spoke with Perry Beeman, Capital Dispatch about what is impeding Iowa’s economic growth.

Tom Cullen, Storm Lake Times about why midsized cities are not showing economic growth, yet Storm Lake is.

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