Swenson media this week

November 28, 2018

David SwensonDavid Swenson, associate scientist, had several recent media contacts:

  • AgUpdate Nov. 28 "Border threats may mean more headaches for U.S. farmers"
  • Bloomberg Nov. 27, "Trump’s Border Threats May Mean More Headaches for U.S. Farmers"
  • American Journal of Transportation Nov. 27 "Trump’s border threats may mean more headaches for US farmers"
  • Trent Rice Show, KASI Radio Nov. 26 on the Fourth National Climate Assessment
  • Monte Reel, Bloomberg Business News, whether increased constraints at U.S. border crossings would have an impact on Iowa ag labor supply

  • Ty Rushing, Iowa Information Publications, on the financial situation farmers are in regarding tariff issues and whether federal tariff impact payments would significantly offset their losses




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