Swenson media contacts

October 30, 2020

David SwensonRecent media contacts of David Swenson, research scientist:

Kathy Bolten, Des Moines Business Record, about Amazon starting to hire and consequences in the metro economy in light of high pandemic unemployment.

Michael Crumb, Des Moines Business Record, about the likelihood of increased retail employment for the holiday season.

Yahoo Finance, Oct. 30 "Ethanol Looks Beyond Trump-Biden Bluster to Biofuel Reset"

“The U.S. has basically reached peak ethanol demand,” Iowa State University rural economist David Swenson said. “We are driving more energy-efficient automobiles, we are using electric vehicles and some of our younger generation doesn’t bother to drive at all.”

Crain's Chicago Business, Oct. 30

Des Moines Register, Nov. 5, "After paying millions for hotels, convention centers, arenas, Iowa taxpayers could face big tab for coronavirus losses."

“The belief was that they would pay for themselves,” he said. “But the people who studied this stuff concluded that none of them pay for themselves, and they wind up being heavily subsidized. The taxpayers really didn’t benefit. In fact, they had to pay more taxes.”

In most of the largest cities across Iowa, promoters of such projects have often won the support they were seeking by producing overly optimistic economic impact studies, Swenson said.


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