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July 15, 2020

David SwensonDavid Swenson, research scientist, was interviewed by Lynh Ta, Iowa Capital Dispatch, on how the drop in first time applications and renewals for federal financial aid to attend Iowa public colleges affects the area economies and the operations of the universities.

In a July 16 Des Moines Register story, "Iowa's economic recovery staggers, unemployment claims increase for second week."

Iowa State University economist Dave Swenson said the state's recovery has stalled, and he is particularly worried about manufacturing jobs.

Each week since April 12, factory hands in Iowa have filed new unemployment claims more than workers in any other sector. During that three-month stretch, about 50,000 manufacturing employees have filed initial claims.

Robert Connelly, Quad City Times, on newly announced John Deere production worker layoffs in Davenport and in Waterloo.

In a July 20 Telegraph Herald story, "Fewer Iowa students file for financial aid, signaling a drop in college enrollment."

A drop in FAFSA applications is concerning for Iowa’s universities as they rely on new enrollment and tuition to financially sustain, said Dave Swenson, an economist at Iowa State University.

Particularly as schools lose international and out-of-state students who pay full tuition, universities will be relying on incoming students, Swenson said.

“It’s creating tension and anxiety at all of the universities,” Swenson said. “They don’t know what their enrollment ultimately will be in the middle of August.”

Beyond universities, college towns themselves will struggle if fewer students enroll in the fall, Swenson said.

July 23, Natalie Krebs, Iowa Public Radio, about the history of the meat packing industry in Iowa and how it evolved to what it is today.

Grant Gerlock, Iowa Public Radio, for an evaluation of Iowa’s unemployment situation and how well we are recovering.

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