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August 29, 2016

David SwensonDavid Swenson, associate scientist, spoke to Matthew Patane, Des Moines Register, on information on how to find business growth statistics in Iowa and the pattern of change over time. 

Swenson also talked with:

Ed Tibbetts, Quad City Times, who asked him to decompose the most recent metro area unemployment statistics to understand why most of Iowa’s metropolitan unemployment rates actually grew on a year over year basis. 

Robert Gehrke from the Salt Lake City Tribune.  Following reporting up on the Facebook data center controversy in West Jordon, Utah.  Gehrke wanted to know the history of IT/data center firms entertaining bids from multiple sites and the process of community competition for capital development.

Lindsay Whiteurst, AP/Salt Lake City. Questions about the Facebook data center negotiations in West Jordan, UT, and the area’s competition with a counter offer from New Mexico.

Katie McKellar, Desert News, Salt Lake City. Interviewed on the inter-state competition for Facebook pitting a suburban Salt Lake City community against a suburban Albuquerque community.

Robert Gehrke, Salt Lake Tribune and Lindsay Whitehurst of the Associated Press in Salt Lake. Asked about inter-state competition for Facebook.


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