Swenson on loss of high-skill occupations

September 19, 2017

David Swenson, associate scientist, talked with Anna Hensel, VentureBeat, about Swenson’s and Liesl Eathington’s study of high-skill occupations in Iowa.

Swenson was also interviewed by Rob Dillard, Iowa Public Radio; and Ed Tibbets, Quad City Times,  and  The Business Record, about worker migration in Iowa, the focus of a new report by Swenson and Eathington, assistant scientist.

Swenson was also a guest on KASI Radio’s The Trent Rice Show to discuss the report and WOI's “This Week in Iowa” segment.

In addition, Swenson spoke with Erin Murphy, Lee Enterprises, about how many immigrants work in different industries in Iowa. He provided him with estimates by broad sector of foreign born employment and the fraction of that employment that was not a U.S. citizen, and Mike Tackett, New York Times, about whether their research on higher level skill exchanges and the education and skill levels of Iowa workers helps to explain 2016 presidential election results.



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