Swenson interviewed by KCUR

October 8, 2018

David Swenson David Swenson, associate scientist, was interviewed by Amy Mayer for an Oct. 8 KCUR story "It's (Not) All in the Family: Outside Help Needed as Farm Operations Grow."

Iowa State University economist Dave Swenson said labor demand is being driven up by aging farmers who need more help with physically taxing jobs and the constant demands of large livestock operations.

“You will see some population growth as a consequence of this,” Swenson said of rural areas, “how much more population growth we can expect, that's another story.”

Swenson also spoke to Bill Petroski, Des Moines Register, about the economic impact of the opening of Highway 20 as a four-lane highway across the entire state.

And to Donnelle Eller, Des Moines Register, on the economic value of the president announcing that E15 gasoline will now not have seasonal sales restrictions.

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