Swenson interviewed on Apple, NAFTA

August 28, 2017

David SwensonDavid Swenson, associate scientist, was recently interviewed by the following media:

KASI’s The Trent Rice Show about the new Apple data center in Waukee that was awarded over $213 million in local and state incentives.

Associated Press reporter David Pitt about sources of total subsidies to the Apple data center (property tax abatement, sales tax breaks, and other incentives typically used for data centers).

Suzannah Gonzales, Thomson Reuters (Chicago), about the $213 million Apple data center subsidy in Waukee and the parallels of that development with the Foxconn deal that has been proposed in Wisconsin.

Michael Hiltzik, LA Times on the $213 million in public assistance for the Apple deal in Waukee.

Victor Luckerson, The Ringer, on why Iowa has added so many data centers in the last 10 years.

Kevin Hardy, Des Moines Register, on whether the multiplicity of data centers constitutes an “industrial cluster.”

Dan Mika, Ames Tribune, about how the renegotiation of NAFTA might affect the area economy. Mika also spoke with Peter Orazem, University Professor of economics.

Sue Danielson, WHO Radio, on how Hurricane Harvey could affect the Iowa economy and households.

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