Swenson: DACA rescindment, tax incentives, economy

October 11, 2017

David SwensonDavid Swenson, associate scientist, was interviewed on IPR's Morning Edition about how rescinding DACA would affect Iowa's economy.

"If those people who are currently participating in the state's economy, are going to the state's public schools, are made to leave, then by definition, the economy has to contract," Swenson says. He cites numbers generated by the Center for American Progress saying, "Those recipients in Iowa contribute about $188 million worth of GDP, now GDP is the sum of their labor, plus the sum of the profits they generate for their employers...so that's a very big chunk of change with regard to the economy."

  • Swenson was also interviewed on IPR programs River to River about the economic impact of DACA recipients in Iowa, and Talk of Iowa with Paul Lasley and Chris Larimer (UNI) about the economic, social, and political divides between rural and urban Iowa
  • Nancy Mayfield, Maquoketa Sential-Press, about the status of the Jackson and Clinton County economies
  • Erin Murphy, Lee Enterprises, about Iowa’s history of providing tax incentives to businesses
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