Students accept Phi Beta Kappa membership

April 22, 2021

Phi Beta KappaFive Department of Economics students have accepted their invitations for membership in Phi Beta Kappa, an honorary society for top-achieving juniors and seniors in Liberal Arts and Sciences.

The students are Dawson Fischer, ag bus, econ; Nathalia Kimmell, econ; Laurence Vander Werff, stat, econ; Matias Ibarburu Siblis, stat, econ; and Jennifer Sprecher, stat, econ (Not shown).

Membership is by invitation only. Students are not required to apply for membership -- all juniors and seniors with majors in the Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) who qualify on academic performance will be reviewed. About 2% of LAS juniors and 5% of LAS seniors are invited; LAS pays membership fees for new members.

New members are invited in the first week of March, initiation takes place in late April.