Ziran Li

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Ziran Li

Ziran Li, Ph.D. student, is the winner of the 2016 Barbara and Thomas Lyon Scholarship for the Study of Agricultural Cooperatives. The gift made by the Lyons represents their desire to provide incentives and recognition for economics graduate students who pursue research in the area of cooperatives. This is the second time Li has won the scholarship--he previously won in 2013. This year the amount of the scholarship is $4,000. Keri Jacobs and Dermot Hayes are Li’s major advisers.

Jacobs said, “Ziran’s research throughout his graduate student career has had agricultural cooperatives at the center, including modeling market share and pricing outcomes in competition, analyzing financial performance and capital of cooperative firms, and understanding producer hedging through cooperatives. His research exemplifies the type of pursuit the gift was intended to reward, and I am grateful to the Lyons for their support of him as a graduate student.”

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