Yining Lu

Yining Lu

Yining Lu
Major in economics
Product Development Intern at China Construction Bank Principal Asset Management Co., Ltd., Beijing, China

It is one of the five largest fund management companies in Mainland China and is a joint venture and the only business of Principal Financial Group there.

What types of skills did you need to obtain the internship?

  • Understanding of major financial markets and products (e.g. equity, fixed income securities, derivatives etc.) 
  • Good writing skills for research reports
  • Chinese-English translation 
  • Proficiency in Excel and Power Point! (This was the main part of on-site interview to test all the skills above.)        

What tasks or accomplishments did you complete?

  • Finished a research on the global Exchange-Trade Products (ETF, ETN etc.), focusing on commodity ETF.
  • Generated initial plans of developing commodity ETFs in Chinese market. There is a big opportunity, because that Chinese market has only four commodity ETFs that are tracking gold price. 

 What knowledge or skills did you learn on the job?

New knowledge:

  • Maturity of Chinese financial industry
  • Distinguishing the main players (institutes) in the global financial market
  • Deeper understanding of Exchange-Traded Products, commodity futures market

 New skills:

  • Use of information terminals, like Bloomberg, Morning Star, Wind
  • More familiarity with Microsoft Office
  • Amusing staff of Chinese SEC
  • Avoiding spills when buying 12 cups of Starbucks for my bosses' round table meeting

Would you be interested in working for this company after graduation?
Yes, I am really willing to work for a buy-side institute like CCB Principal or even Principal Financial Group. But, a position in the front office will be better, like trading, equity research. I was a product development intern, which is a middle office job. My dream job is portfolio manager.  

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