Trevin Kennedy

Agricultural Business
Year Graduated: 

Current employment/job title: AgYield, Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois; Commodities Broker and Consultant

I use AgYield’s software to develop customized risk management strategies for farmers.

I like a lot of aspects about my job. For one, it has been an incredible learning opportunity. It challenges me and allows me to continue my education while helping people. Another aspect I like is that I have a lot of freedom. I manage my client list as if it were my own personal business. Yet, I have a strong team alongside me to help brainstorm the best suited strategy for each producer. I chose to work for AgYield because of the people who work here. I had known them for years prior to being offered a job. I knew the position would be an incredible learning opportunity while working alongside positive people I already knew and respected.

Looking back, the Ag Business major prepared me for this position more than I ever realized. The obvious preparation was that I took as many classes as I could that focused on ag marketing, and got involved in organizations that expanded the technical knowledge needed for the job. More than that, the vast array of experiences, such as study abroad courses, academic competitions, and club involvement have all sharpened my soft skills and perception of the world.

For those interested in working in a similar position, I'd say to choose a team that you feel you mesh well with. Do your homework in learning what it is the company truly stands for, and consider whether that lines up with your career goals. It is important to have experienced people around you willing to help steer you in the right direction and prevent bad habits from forming. 

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