Stephen Soko

Stephen Soko

Stephen Soko
Major in economics
Interned at Iowa the Attorney General’s Office - Consumer Protection Division, Des Moines, IA

What types of skills did you need to obtain the internship?
Much of the job entails having to balance numerous projects effectively and punctually. I think the two biggest skills which helped my application were my communication skills and my leadership experience. I also think my previous experience at the Story County Attorney’s Office cemented my interest in law and displayed that in my application. All in all, being able to prove that you have successfully managed large projects, that you are disciplined in your studies, and that you are able to communicate effectively to various types of parties really will give you a great opportunity.

What tasks did the job entail?
Many of my projects were involved in case preparation and data management. In order to prepare these large scale law suits against businesses, a fair amount of investigation into records and testimony must take place. This involves calling and recording transcripts of past customers; creating spreadsheets for records and examining distinct trends in the data; and working with the businesses to attempt to obtain compensation for disgruntled customers if there was a breach in the Iowa Code. I was also able to attend numerous Supreme Court and Court of Appeals oral arguments.

What skills/knowledge did you learn on the job?
I do think the best experience from the job was the environment and the opportunities which the environment afforded. I was able to work with professionals, learn about their specialties, and ask them questions about their career experiences. I also learned a fair amount about the frequency of consumer mistreatment and the types of violations within the Iowa Code. Finally, I gained a better understanding of the court system from the oral arguments and from speaking with the attorneys on the various levels of the system.

Would you be interested in working for this company after graduation?
I had a great experience interning at the Iowa Attorney General’s Office and would recommend the opportunity to anyone with any interest in law or government.

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