Sean McDermott

Sean McDermott
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Ireland 2022I'm studying at University College Cork in Cork, Ireland, along with five other ISU students. I'm taking a class in regional and urban economics, along with Irish specific classes about local city planning, people and places, and sports history that have involved lots of city field trips. With my economics and CRP majors at ISU, these classes have brought a new global perspective to economics and city planning topics. It's been fun learning about Ireland and Europe's economic regions. In fact, Cork is known as an up-and-coming mid-sized business hub in Europe, with lots of international tech and pharmaceutical companies in the region (like Apple and Pfizer).

Cork, IrelandOverall, studying abroad has been a great experience to grow. Classes have had less busy work than a normal semester at ISU, which has given time to try new things and learn how to live in a new place. I've joined the athletics club and Christian student union, and have met some great Irish friends.Travelling is surprisingly cheap and easy once you're in Europe (with some flights around $20!), so we're taking advantage of exploring Ireland and Europe! Time is definitely flying, but it's been a great experience so far!

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