Scott Henry

Scott Henry
Agricultural Business
Year Graduated: 

Hometown: Nevada, IA

Current employment/job title: LongView Farms, Business Development Manager

Describe your position: As Business Development Manager, I am responsible for business growth, strategy, process management and the implementation of precision technologies for LongView Farms.

What do you like about your job? I love being in a position that pushes me to be focused on the future. Answering the question of where does operation want/need to go and how are we going to get there? I also enjoy having a job that allows me to split time between the office and the field.

How did you choose to work at this position?  My goal had always been to return to our family's farming operation and so I looked for a career right out of school that would allow me to gain valuable knowledge, skills, and relationships that would benefit LongView Farms long term. An opportunity to come back came after an employee had left and the farm experienced some growth and I took it!

How did the Ag Business major prepare you for your job? ISU's Ag Business program helped me understand that one must understand the business side of agriculture in addition to production and operations. Without knowledge of financial statements and cash flow management your business will ultimately struggle - or you'll spend tons of money having someone else understand them for you. The ag business program also connected me to other peers and faculty members, creating invaluable relationships that I've leaned on for ideas and support many times.

What advice would you give to students looking for work in a similar position?  Find any way you can to learn how to think like an entrepreneur. It will help you remain progressive and creative in an industry that is far too traditional and conservative.

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