Ross Cady

Ross Cady
Major: Agricultural Business

Program: Brexit: Edinburgh and London

Ross Cady, a junior in agricultural business from Tampico, Illinois applied as a freshman to the CALS Study Abroad Brexit Spring Break 2018 program and was accepted. Ross applied for the program with doubts of being accepted as a freshman, but much to his surprise was accepted and committed into the program. Ross returned from the travel course with a new outlook and goal to study abroad in the future. Ross was also a recipient of the Behrens Scholarship for Study Abroad, which made a huge impact on his decision to study abroad, “The scholarships available through the college and CALS Study Abroad Office demonstrate how much value the college sees in helping students become global citizens through study abroad.”

Ross is now considering a semester long study abroad program that would allow him to spend more time abroad, giving him the opportunity to become more immersed in a new culture, study and learn from a new system and grow more as an individual. Ross’ advice for students that are considering an opportunity abroad is to, “Just go for it. The application is rather simple to complete and even if you aren’t accepted, there are always other programs available.” Ross is active in his fraternity Alpha Gamma Rho, CALS Ambassadors, Agricultural Business Club and National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA).