Melissa Abrahamson

Melissa Abrahamson
Agricultural Business
Year Graduated: 

Current employment/job title: MaxYield Cooperative, Lakota, IA, Client Care Representative

What do you like most about working for MaxYield?

I started working for MaxYield Cooperative, where we originate grain for Green Plains ethanol plant. Every day we interact with clients that haul in and sell their corn. One thing I like most about this job are the clients. They are a lot of fun to interact with. Another are my teammates. I have learned a lot and they have shown me different techniques and methods to help me with my career in the long run.

How did you obtain your position?

I have worked with MaxYield part-time in the past. There has been a couple of summers and about three Christmas breaks. I was told that the team in Lakota was a great one and was able to set up a job shadow for about a week and a half.  I ended up really liking it and was offered a position in the fall.

How did an Ag Business major help you in finding a career?

Ag Business is a broad major that allowed me to explore the large number of potential job opportunities that are available. Different courses such as Cooperative and Ag Marketing classes, really showed me the other side of crop production.  

Any advice for prospective students?

My advice would be to get out and explore your options not only in the classroom but also in the work force. I never had an internship but was able to get experience through different jobs in the past and by doing my job shadow.

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