Marie Lock

Marie Lock
Agricultural Business
Year Graduated: 

Current employer/job title: Monsanto, District Sales Manager

As an account manager, I manage dealership accounts and provide the driving force behind the strategy used to grow the brand's business in my territory.

I love that every single day is different and diverse. One day I might be in a corporate setting for a meeting, and the next day I will be on a farm helping a producer diagnose their needs or concerns. 

I knew that I wanted a career in an industry that would allow for continual growth. Agronomy is everywhere in the Midwest, and I knew that choosing a path as an account manager for an agronomical company would be a unique way to combine my business-focused mind with the ability to be on the farm in an industry that will continue to have endless opportunity. 

The Agricultural Business major at Iowa State certainly had its fair share of intellectually challenging moments, but that’s what it takes to be able to immerse yourself in the business field straight out of college. Being an Ag Business major taught me how to think critically and work through any challenge that comes my way in an organized and logical manner. Along with this, the social networks are second to none and have been priceless as a young professional!

My biggest piece of advice to other students would be to obtain as many internships as possible, and when you are in an internship, focus on it 110%. An internship is essentially a 3-month job interview, so take it as seriously as one. Internships are the most valuable experience a person can have when trying to land a job in a specific career or industry. 

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