Kayleigh Koch

Kayleigh Koch

Kayleigh Koch
Major in agricultural business
Hawkeye, IA

I was active within clubs in high school, and that did not change when I started as a student in Agricultural Business. I became involved with many clubs including Agricultural Business Club, NAMA, ACT, Alpha Zeta, and Sigma Alpha. I have also had the privilege of serving as an Ambassador for CALS.

Throughout college, I constantly pushed myself to try new things, and take on leadership roles within organizations. Within Sigma Alpha, I served as our CALS Council Representative, and now I currently serve as the President of the largest agricultural sorority chapter in the US. As a member of CALS Council, I co-lead the special events committee to plan National Ag Day and our celebratory Gala. For three years, I also co-lead the Junior Visit Day committee for CALS Ambassadors. There are opportunities to expand your leadership skills within any organization on campus.

Another way the Department of Economics brings opportunities to students is through the Ag Entrepreneurship Initiative. I first became involved in AgEI by joining NAMA, and now I have found mentors who encourage me to pursue my dream of starting my own business.

A few other highlights of my Iowa State story are studying abroad to Scotland and England to learn about Brexit, traveling to California to learn about new biotechnology, attending AFA Leaders Conference, participating in Bacon Expo, and attending FarmHer conferences.

Aside from campus involvement, I have had three completely different internships that have helped me find the career path I want to pursue. I worked for Heartland Cooperative, the Norman Borlaug Heritage Foundation, Howard County Extension, and Farm Credit Services of America. I also had the opportunity to do undergraduate research with Keri Jacobs.

I found people that inspired me to do my best in these organizations, and I encourage new students to find their niche, and surround themselves with people who build you up. I am beyond grateful for the opportunities Iowa State has provided. My advice to future is students is to be involved, step outside your comfort zone, and be kind to everyone. You will quickly learn that the world is a small place, even at a university of over 36,000 students.