Julia Campbell

Julia Campbell
Agricultural Business

Company/Organization: John Deere (Virtual, Cary, North Carolina)
Title: Customer Product Support Intern

Describe your position & duties.

  • Coordinate the work of many to create How-To videos for the John Deere YouTube Channel
  • Wrote scripts for these videos based on the product’s operator manual
  • Worked with video editing and 6 different functional teams to approve, review and publish

Examples of videos I got to work on this summer:

What did you like about your internship?
The people! I have loved my team and the company. They made me feel welcome and included right away.

Julia working on a John Deere mower

What are some classes or experiences that helped prepare you for your internship?

  • Speech, Business Administration 250 at ISU, Economics classes
  • Positions including setting personal deadlines and professional email writing
  • Being a self-starter in a virtual environment was critical

Was your internship impacted by Covid-19? How so?

Yes, my project was originally not supposed to be creating these videos but I have loved working with my team and on this project!