Julia Campbell

Julia Campbell

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Iowa State students have transitioned to all online classes and meetings. As an ag bus major, what are your thoughts on your new learning situation?

Here some comments on my experience with the transition to online classes.  


  • With more time on our hands to respond, this season of life has brought about a greater sense of connectedness. Setting up video calls with family and friends who we are unable to be with during this time has been a highlight for me. 
  • I look forward to video meetings with peers and staff to catch up, and I appreciate the interest we show in each other's well-being beyond the meeting agenda while we are unable to enjoy daily interactions face to face. 
  • When this has passed, I believe we will be more appreciative of our surroundings and social interaction. After time away from our various commitments, we can also be intentional about what we allow back into our day-to-day routines.   


  • I am extremely impressed and appreciative of our instructors who have made the shift to online classes a smooth transition. With online instruction, I am able to pause videos to take notes and replay comments until I fully grasp the concepts being delivered. 
  • The flexibility to continue my online learning at times of my choice has been appreciated. Following the university's suggestion that professors offer material that is not required to be worked during what would have been normal class time, I am able to work on our family farm while practicing social distancing during daylight, then settle in for my classes in the evening. 


  • Within the Agricultural Business Club, our officer team has discussed solutions to the challenges social distancing presents, including hosting a virtual April meeting and engaging members on social media with fun activities. An example of this is that our Co-Reporters for the club, Brooke Beinhart and Kate Collins, created a bingo card for Instagram stories where students who participated on social media were put in the drawing for a prize!
  • Our ambassador group for the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences has moved elections online and hosted virtual video meetings giving members the chance to interact and ask questions. 
  • Lydia Richards in the Department of Economics has taken a lead on offering virtual student visits and asked us to record videos on our student experiences.