Jessica Woodall

Jessica Woodall
Agricultural Business
Year Graduated:

Jessica Woodall, Sophomore at Iowa State University majoring in Agricultural Business had the opportunity tod work for Cargill at one of their grain elevators this past summer (2022).  

"The three main projects I worked on this summer included transferring safety data into a user-friendly program to simplify employee utilization, creating a facility profile book for the east region plants, and constructing an excel of the inventory on the critical pathways at the plant I was at. 

Along with these projects I also spent my time doing various day-to-day tasks. This consisted of working in the control room, grading grain, loading trucks and trains, sealing train cars, and much more smaller tasks.  At the end of my internship, I had the opportunity to present a final presentation to other interns in my region and to upper Cargill employees."

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