Jackson Matthews

Jackson Matthews

Jackson Matthews
Major in agricultural business

When I first arrived at Iowa State in the fall of 2016, I did not know a single person. I was nervous that it would be difficult to meet people and make friends, but boy was I wrong. It was very easy to make friends within the Ag Business program because of the learning teams that they place you in for freshman year. Additionally, joining the Ag Business Club introduced me to a lot of new people and helped me make valuable connections. I am currently serving on the Recruitment and Social Committee for the Ag Business Club and it is truly a rewarding experience to be a part of such a great club.

Another club that I joined freshman year was the Rodeo Club. I had always been interested in rodeo, so this club was right up my alley. I was introduced to some pretty cool people through Rodeo Club, including Marty Barnes, the owner and operator of Barnes PRCA Rodeo Company out of Cherokee, Iowa. This connection led to an internship opportunity for the summer of 2017 where I was able to live at the Barnes ranch and travel all across the Midwest to help with the production of professional rodeos.

I was able to serve on CALS Council as a representative from the Rodeo Club for the year of 2017. I cannot say enough good things about being a part of CALS Council. I was able to be involved with so many cool activities such as working the freshman/transfer barbeque, serving food during CALS week, being in the homecoming parade, and so much more.

Iowa State presents students with so many unique opportunities and they have something for everybody. Your experience at Iowa State is truly what you make of it. I can honestly say that choosing Iowa State has been the best decision of my life and my experience has exceeded my expectations in every way possible.


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