Jack Hubble

Jack Hubble
Agricultural Business, Economics and International Agricultural

Program: Culture and Economic Diversification in the United Arab Emirates & American Farm School - Perrotis College, Greece

Jack Hubble, senior in agricultural business, economics and international agricultural from Mahomet, Illinois participated in the “Culture and Economic Diversification in the United Arab Emirates” travel course during Thanksgiving Break 2019 and spent the Spring 2020 semester abroad at the American Farm School - Perrotis College in Thessaloniki, Greece.

"Studying abroad gave me a new perspective on so many things. I was able to experience different countries and cultures in numerous ways. I was able to meet people in these areas and share experiences with them, from this I got an amazing perspective of what a day in their life looks like along with how their attitude is as someone not from the U.S. Through this I felt welcomed into their culture and was able to keep an open mind allowing me to take in and explore so many aspects of multiple cultures. You get out of studying abroad what you put into it, if you are passionate about traveling and want to experience new cultures or hear new perspectives, then you are at the right place!"

On-campus Jack works as a Student Travel Consultant in the CAL Study Abroad office and is also the current president of the Agriculture Management and Marketing Organization (AMMO). In addition, Jack is active in the FarmHouse Fraternity, Agricultural Business Club Member and Salt Company.