Emily Schwenneker

Emily Schwenneker
Agricultural Business
Year Graduated: 

Current employment/job title: John Deere, Marketing Representative

Currently, I'm in the Marketing and Customer Support Development Program. In this program, there are two paths to follow: marketing and sales or customer and product support. During the 15-18 month program, each representative completes two 6-9 month project- or function-based rotations and instructs at a regional training program.

I love how diverse my experiences in John Deere have been within the first year. I have met employees from many different areas of the company and have grown not only in my knowledge, but also personally.

Emily ScwennekerThe summer before my senior year of college I interned with John Deere on the customer and product support side. The culture of the company, people with which I interacted, and projects I was given ownership of made me realize Deere was the perfect fit for me.

My degree in ag business gave me insight into the viewpoints of the people I interact with on a daily basis. From farmer to product marketing manager, accounting to ag service providers, I have a deeper understanding of their daily goals, trials, and triumphs. Through the training I had with my degree, I'm able to talk grain markets to farmers, international relations from an agricultural perspective with industry groups, and balance sheets with accounts receivable.

My advice to other ag bus students: Try something new and be flexible. There is a world of opportunity waiting, you just have to be willing to move to a new location, learn something you have never imagined, and always be willing to ask questions!

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