Cody Meister

Cody Meister
Agricultural Business
Year Graduated: 

Current employer/job title: Cargill, Burns Harbor, Indiana, Production Supervisor Trainee

My job at Cargill is to help lead and coach plant operations and ensure day-to-day operations are run efficiently and, most importantly, safely. 

Working in a diverse environment, we are almost always doing something, whether that's loading a ship or barge, unloading a train, or dumping trucks. I love how no two days are the same. I also love interacting with farmers and leading a fun and easy team. 

I’ve always been interested in operations, and enjoyed doing hands-on work. Growing up on a farm, I grew up doing similar jobs and activities so I wanted to pursue this position. I talked to Cargill my junior year at the fall career fair, interned with them, and loved it. Soon after, they offered me a full-time position. What I love about Cargill is they want you to be happy in what you do, and will help you reach that goal. 

Majoring in Ag Business at Iowa State was the greatest decision I’ve ever made. Going through the array of classes within the major gave me a wide spectrum of the industry and helped me key in on what specifically I wanted to do.

Cody Meister, CargillBeing in the Ag Bus Club gave me a lot of opportunities to learn as much as I wanted and to have fun while doing it. Going on the trips and industry tours was very helpful with deciding who to work for, and gave me an understanding of the number of jobs in the industry.

My advice to students would be, first and foremost, have fun and enjoy your time at Iowa State. Then try and get an internship your freshman year so it gives you more time to learn and do your research on where you want to work. It gives you that edge, and helps build your resume. Go to the career fairs and talk to those companies you are interested in. The Ag Bus Club also has pre-career fair mixers, which I also recommend. Those also give you that extra edge, and face-to-face contact before the fair. Also, if you have any questions or need advice, Amy Brandau, Ron Deiter, or Mike Gaul are all very good resources to use! Make connections ‒ sometimes it not what you know, but who you know!

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