Carter Kemmet

Carter Kemmet

Carter Kemmet
Major in statistics
Interned at Federal Home Loan Bank, Des Moines, IA

What tasks did the internship entail?
I worked this past summer as a Pricing Analyst for the Federal Home Loan Bank. My work revolved around assisting the Members Strategies and Solutions team by analyzing sales data for the past eight years. This analysis included, but was not limited to, asset size analysis, member loyalty behavior, market share by FHLB, and analysis of our incentive program to determine efficiency. I used primarily Excel, SQL, and VBA to complete this analysis. I met with my manager approximately twice a week to go over my findings as well as to talk about other areas to explore and how I would best convey the information to the regional managers.

What skills/knowledge did you learn on the job?
On top of in-office work, I attended a three-day conference in Minnesota where we met and talked with our members and listened to concerns they had about their loans/advances and general bank practices.

All in all, it was a great experience and I would highly recommend that students apply to the internship program.

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