Cale Pellett

Cale Pellett

Cale Pellett work spaceIn the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Iowa State students have transitioned to all online classes and meetings. As an ag bus major, what are your thoughts on your new learning situation?

Currently, I am living at home back in southwest Iowa as we have not permitted any guys to stay in Alpha Gamma Rho during this time. Luckily, social distancing doesn't change much of my day-to-day operations, as I am helping out on our farm in the morning and working on classes in the afternoon/evening. Not much changes as farmers are typically pretty isolated regardless of if there is a pandemic occurring or not! 

The transition to online classes was a little rough; this felt similar to my first couple weeks of Iowa State freshman year as I tried getting adjusted to everything. However, so far, so good with plenty to keep me busy all day. None of my classes has mandatory meeting times and the few that are posting online lectures have been great about keeping them short, but to the point! I know a lot of people have been creating group chats with their classmates to remind each other of assignments as well as helping each other work through things.

Canvas on the roadI am still planning on working for Flint Hills Resources this summer as a Grain Merchandising Intern in Shell Rock, Iowa. I was able to talk to Megan Olson last week and from her understanding, they still plan on proceeding as normal for my start date in the beginning of May. 

Our team has done a pretty good job of keeping in contact with each other virtually, pertaining to Ag Bus Club information as well as general happenings with Iowa State and the rest of the world during this time. It’s not ideal, but we're getting through it together.

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