Armin Mesinovic

Armin Mesinovic
Agricultural Business
Year Graduated: 

Current employer/job title: DGS Foods, Price Chopper Center Store Manager, Des Moines Iowa

I manage the sales floor of our grocery store by leading a team in merchandising product to give our customers food they want at affordable prices. Along with that, I serve as the grocery buyer for our store. This requires me to buy smart, plan ahead, and manage our warehouse to ensure that our inventory turns over and creates profit. I also work alongside our store director in managing store operations like hiring, customer relations, and labor issues. 

I’ve been in the grocery business for the past nine years. The thing that I like most about my job are the people. They are the main reason I’m in the grocery business. 

With a degree and skills obtained through the Department of Economics at Iowa State, I was able to prove to our corporate office that I have the ability to lead a grocery store to increased business. The department provided me the skill set and the mind-set to perform at my best. The Ag Business major prepared me in everything from analyzing data to creating connections with farmers. Through various courses and people, I obtained a lot of knowledge about our food system.

I know more about our food system today than I knew five years ago. This helps me answer a lot of questions from consumers from “Who grows our food?” to “How does food get to the grocery store?” I am able to share my experiences with our customers and help address any concerns about our food and the business behind our agriculture system. 

A piece of advice that I would give students is to create connections with people and to get involved!

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