Angelos Lagoudakis

Angelos Lagoudakis (Ph.D. student) has been accepted and awarded funds to participate in the 33rd Advanced School in Economic Theory on Imperfect Cognition and Economic Behavior, led by General Director Eric Maskin (Harvard University) and Co-directors Elchanan Ben-Porath (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) and Michael Woodford (Columbia University). The school will be held on 26 June – 5 July 2023 at the Israel Institute for Advanced Studies (IIAS).


 Angelos was invited to participate in a two-day workshop on “Adding to the Experimental Toolbox: Complementing Lab Experiments with Survey Data.” The workshop was organized by Rice University and funded through a grant from the International Foundation for Research in Experimental Economics (IFREE). Only 16 students were accepted into the workshop from some of the best Economics departments in the world. Following the completion of the workshop, participants were invited to participate in a proposal competition. Angelos was one of the competition's winners, and he will be awarded seed funding for his research project titled: “Breaking Bad News: Economic Rationality, Emotion Regulation, and Social Prosperity.



Angelos Lagoudakis, third-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Economics, was recently awarded a Scholarship/traineeship from the Iowa State University NSF Research Traineeship DataFEWSion Program. The program is designed for graduate student research on Food, Energy, and Water Systems (FEWS) where trainees develop data-driven decision skills around the FEWS nexus. The scholarship allows for two years admission in the program.

Lagoudakis is the first Economics Ph.D. student to receive this high award. In addition to being part of the Iowa State University NSF Research Traineeship DataFEWSion Program, Lagoudakis is the president of the Economics Graduate Student Association and a grad student instructor for Econ 101 at Iowa State. Congrats Angelos!

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