Alumni Success Stories

give forwardGraduates of Iowa State’s Department of Economics hold exciting positions in industry, government, and academia around the country, as well as around the globe. Read stories about a few of our alumni below.
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Roger Underwood
Agricultural Business, 1980
John Russell
Agricultural Business, Finance, 1980
Agricultural Business, 1979
Jeff Plagge
Agricultural Business, 1978
James Gibson
Ph.D. Agricultural Business, 1976
Ph.D. Ag Education, 1976
Dr. George H.K. Wang
Ph.D. Economics and Statistics, 1976
Thomas Hoenig
M.S., Ph.D. Economics, 1974
Phil Harris
Economics, 1973
Dame DeAnne Julius
Economics, 1970
Dr. Allan Warrack
Ph.D. Economics, 1967
Paul Doak
Ph.D. Agricultural Economics, 1965
Larrie Hindman
Agricultural Business, 1959
Nancy B. Brannaman
M.S. Agricultural Economics/Finance
Gary Macnoll
Agricultural Business