Alumni Success Stories

support the economics departmentGraduates of Iowa State’s Department of Economics hold exciting positions in industry, government, and academia around the country, as well as around the globe. Read stories about a few of our alumni below.
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Stuart Swanson and daughter Adelai
Agricultural Business, 2016
Dame DeAnne Julius
Economics, 1970
Benjamin Meier
Applied Math in Economics, 2016
Urja Shah
Economics, 2016
Thomas Hoenig
M.S., Ph.D. Economics, 1974
Nancy B. Brannaman
M.S. Agricultural Economics/Finance
Jerome Dumortier
Ph.D. Economics, 2011
Photo of Tushi Baul
Ph.D. Economics, 2013
Alicia Rosburg
Ph.D. Economics, 2012
Photo of Zhixia (Summer) Ma
Ph.D. Economics, 2016
Photo of Onalie Ariyabandhu
Economics, 2014
Photo of Sam Summers
Economics, 2006
Benjamin Zelle
Agricultural Business, 2014
Mason Nicklos
Agricultural Business, 2012
Melissa Abrahamson
Agricultural Business, 2015
Kelsi Guinn
Agricultural Business, 2013
Josh Sonnabend
Agricultural Business, 2014
Elizabeth Burns-Thompson
Agricultural Business, 2011
Scott Henry
Agricultural Business, 2012