Allan Warrack

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Dr. Allan Warrack
Ph.D. Economics
Year Graduated: 

Hometown: Langdon, Alberta, CANADA

Current employment/job title: Professor Emeritus of Business, University of Alberta

Allan Warrack graduated from ISU with an M.S. in 1963 and a Ph.D. in 1967. His undergraduate degree is in agriculture sciences from the University of Alberta, 1961. A fellow Canadian, Professor A. Gordon Ball of ISU, was on leave to the Univ. of Alberta, and taught a course Warrack took—this resulted in his recruitment to the Department of Economics at ISU. Dr. Ball supervised Warrack’s M.S. program and thesis. Years later, Ball became dean of agriculture at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada.

Warrack’s supervisor at ISU was well-known Professor Lehman B. Fletcher, who taught microeconomics. He recalls courses taught from the distinguished Professor Earl Heady, Dudley Luckett, Dennis Stafleaf, and Wayne Fuller. Warrack earned the honorary designations of Gamma Sigma Delta and Phi Kappa Phi while at Iowa State.

In Alberta, Warrack has played exceptionally significant roles in academics, business, and politics. He earned full academic rank and tenure, and taught agricultural economics, and later business economics at the Univ. of Alberta, as well as serving as Associate Dean, Faculty of Business.
He is co-author of a textbook in managing business-government relations (Prentice-Hall). He also served a five-year secondment as University of Alberta vice-president (administration and finance).

Warrack was twice elected to the legislature, and was a cabinet minister in both legislative terms. He also served on several boards in the Canadian government, most recently the National Research Council. He was awarded an Outstanding Albertan Centennial Medal (2005), and a Delta Upsilon Distinguished Alumnus Medal (2005). In 2009, the Univ. of Alberta honored him with an Alumni Honor Award.

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