Schulz media interviews

December 8, 2021

Lee SchulzLee Schulz, associate professor, was interviewed in a Dec. 7 New York Times story, "Flooding in Washington Brings Death and Devastation to Dairies."

Economists and industry experts said the cost of the floods was hard to figure because it was still rising, even as the floodwaters recede, and the economic stresses have multiplied in several directions.

“It’s not just one factor, right?” said Lee Schulz, an associate professor of economics at Iowa State University. “We’re seeing feed prices 30 percent higher, we’re seeing certainly wages and labor costs are much higher. Fuel is much higher. You can really go across the board.”

Schulz also recorded an interview with the Market Journal about hog and beef demand, prices, and supply chain issues in the livestock commodities for this year and into next year as well. The interview was shot in the News Service broadcast studio.

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