Rosenbloom on effect of Iowa losing first-in-the-nation status

February 10, 2020

Dr. Joshua RosenbloomJoshua Rosenbloom, professor and department chair, was interviewed for a Feb. 7 Business Record story, "NOTEBOOK: What would it mean for the state’s economy if Iowa loses its first-in-the-nation status?"

"Josh Rosenbloom, chair of Iowa State’s economics department, said there would be an impact, but it’s unclear how big it would be. 'What’s clear is a lot of money is spent on advertising in the state. A lot of grassroots organizers are hired here. And the hotel and restaurant businesses would suffer.'"

"National recognition for the state is a mixed bag." Rosenbloom said. "People are more aware of Iowa every four years than they are Missouri or Nebraska, but that doesn’t necessarily lead to more people coming here. The bigger loss," he said, "would be no longer having candidates’ attention on issues facing Iowa, especially in rural communities."

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