Required Title IX feedback and training

August 25, 2020

The ISU Sexual Misconduct Leadership Committee is seeking feedback on the new Title IX changes that went into effect Aug. 14 (new Title IX Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence and Stalking policy). We encourage you to send this information through your channels to faculty and staff, requesting responses by Sept. 18. Use this link to learn more about what’s changed and to answer a few questions: Questions from ISU Sexual Misconduct Leadership Committee. (A full set of procedures, applications and guidance on the new policy can be found here.)

Due to the recent changes to Title IX Regulations, all university employees are required to complete the below training through Learn@ISU by October 1, 2020:

  Title IX Training – Supervisor
This course trains supervisors to recognize, prevent, and respond to workplace harassment and discrimination based on “protected characteristics.” The course also helps supervisors address inappropriate behavior before it creates a “hostile work environment” by giving supervisors the skills necessary to reduce potential legal risks by recognizing and addressing abusive behavior and other misconduct, including micro aggressions and unconscious bias that may lead to workplace bullying or hostility, reducing productivity and creativity.

This course invites supervisors to consider the nature of harassment and discrimination, and provides practical tips on creating a safe, inclusive environment for work, including safe and positive options for bystander intervention.

Title IX Training – Non-Supervisor
This training raises employees’ awareness about harassment and discrimination by explaining the law, as well as how to recognize harassment and discrimination, and report misconduct to the appropriate person. It provides practical tips on helping maintain a safe, inclusive environment for work, including safe and positive options for bystander intervention, advice on using inclusive language in the workplace, and information on micro aggressions.

All faculty and staff are required to complete the course most appropriate to their role. If you are a supervisor (including supervision of students), you are required to complete the supervisor training. Only one course is required. The Supervisor course is approximately 2 hours, and the Non-Supervisor course is approximately 1 hour, and both can be completed in multiple sessions. You can access these trainings in Learn@ISU beginning on Aug. 24.

Please complete this training by October 1. Again, this is a mandatory training. In addition to this message, subsequent reminders will come from the Office of Equal Opportunity monthly newsletter.

Instructions for faculty and staff to access the training:

1.       Login to
2.       Select “My Requirements” from the “My Menu” dropdown menu in Learn@ISU
3.       Find learning track “EO Training” (You may also enter “Title IX” in the search bar menu.)
4.       If you supervise employees, click on Launch by “Title IX Training - Supervisor”
If you do NOT supervise employees, click on Launch by “Title IX Training - Non Supervisor”
5.       You only need to complete ONE of these trainings to be compliant - not both!

Individuals with disabilities who need an accommodation to participate in the online training program should make their requests directly to the Office of Equal Opportunity at telephone number (515) 294-7612 or by email at

If you have any questions regarding technical issues, please contact:
1.       ISU IT Solution Center, 515-294-4000,
2.       The training vendor EVERFI at They have a support team available 24/7 to assist you. When you click on it will take you to the option to call (1-844-348-1616) or chat with their help desk. 

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