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May 12, 2021

David SwensonDavid Swenson, research scientist, was interviewed for a May 11 Quad-City Times story, "Column: Reynolds pushes Iowans back."

Many economists say this is false and have rolled out several studies supporting their view. On Twitter, longtime Iowa State University economist Dave Swenson noted the biggest job gains last month were among "low paying leisure and hospitality — those who'd have the most to gain from remaining on unemployment."

Swenson also spoke with:

Khalil Maycock, WOI TV, about metro Des Moines housing and job growth during the pandemic and its prospects for full recovery.
"The probability of it recovering all of its lost jobs by the end of the year are pretty darn high." 

"Evidence doesn't suggest that reducing unemployment will induce more workers to come back into the labor pool. Three hundred dollars a month fuels consumption among those people that still can't find work." 

Rebecca Phelps, KCRG TV, about an emerging labor shortage in Iowa and why Iowa’s labor supply has contracted so much more than the national experience.

Tyler Jett, Des Moines Register, about the Iowa governor suspending supplemental unemployment benefits because she believes that this is impeding hiring in the state.

Marcus McIntosh, KCCI, about possible consequences for Iowa from the cyberattack that shut down the Colonial Pipeline serving the eastern U.S.

Kelly Gerlach, Maquoketa Sentinel-Press, about Iowa’s labor shortage and what it means for rural business.

Linh Ta, Capital Dispatch, about Iowa’s perceived labor shortage and whether reducing unemployment insurance benefits in June will stimulate hiring.  


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