Recent presentations by Huffman

February 19, 2016

Dr. Wallace HuffmanJin, Yu and Wallace E. Huffman. “Measuring Public Agricultural Research and Extension and Estimating their Impacts on Agricultural Productivity: New Insights from U.S. Evidence.” Agricultural Economics 47(2016):15-31.

Strzok, J.L. and W.E. Huffman. “Willingness to Pay for Organic Food Products and Organic Purity: Experimental Evidence.” AgBioForum 18(2015):345-353.

Lacy, Katie and Wallace E. Huffman. “Consumer Demand for  Potato Products and Willingness-to-Pay for Low-Acrylamide, Sulfite-Free Fresh Potatoes and Dices: Evidence from Lab Auctions.” Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 41(2016): 116-137.

Volume 18, No. 3, 2015 of the journal AgBioForum is devoted a set of papers from the August 1, 2014, symposium in honor of the productive career of Wallace Huffman. It can be found at the following website: