Dr. Wendong Zhang

Assistant Professor
Dr. Wendong Zhang

Dr. Wendong Zhang is an assistant professor in the Department of Economics at Iowa State University since August 2015. His research seeks to better understand U.S. farmland market, agricultural nutrient runoff, conservation practice adoption, and Chinese agriculture. Dr. Zhang is also affiliated with Center for Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD).

Dr. Zhang is the leading researcher of the Iowa Land Value Survey, the Iowa Farmland Ownership and Tenure Survey, as well as the ISU Soil Management and Land Valuation Conference. He also developed the Iowa Farmland Portal as well as co-founded the new ISU China Ag center jointly with Dr. Dermot Hayes in collaboration with Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Dr. Zhang received his Ph.D. in Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics from the Ohio State University in July 2015, and he also holds a BSc in Environmental Science from Fudan University in China.

Recent Publications:

Shao, Yongtong, Minghao Li, Dermot Hayes, Wendong Zhang, Tao Xiong, and Wei Xie. August 2020, China’s Missing Pigs: Correcting China’s Hog Inventory Data Using a Machine Learning ApproachForthcoming at American Journal of Agricultural Economics (Corresponding Author)

Li, Minghao, Edward Balistreri, and Wendong Zhang, June 2020, The U.S.-China Trade War: Tariff Data and General Equilibrium AnalysisForthcoming at Journal of Asian Economics (published version)

Liu, Hongxing, Wendong Zhang, Elena Irwin, Jeffery Kast, Noel Aloysius, Jay F. Martin, and Margaret Kelcic. April 2020, Best Management Practices and Nutrient Reduction: An Integrated Economic-Hydrological Model of the Western Lake Erie BasinForthcoming at Land Economics

Zhang, Wendong, and Brent Sohngen. April 2018. Do US Anglers Care About Harmful Algal Blooms? A Choice Experiment of Lake Erie Recreational AnglersAmerican Journal of Agricultural Economics 100(3): 868-888 (published version)

Zhang, Wendong, and Cynthia J. Nickerson. 2015. The Housing Market Bust and Farmland Values: Identifying the Changing Influence of Proximity to Urban CentersLand Economics, 91(4): 605-626. Lead Article (published version)

Zhang, Wendong, Douglas H. Wrenn, and Elena G. Irwin. 2016. Spatial Heterogeneity, Accessibility and Zoning: An Empirical Investigation of Leapfrog DevelopmentJournal of Economic Geography (published version)

Area of Expertise: 
Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics
Environmental and Ecological Economics
Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 2015
M.A., The Ohio State University, 2012
B.S., Fudan University, China, 2009