Hongli Feng

Assistant Professor
Dr. Hongli Feng

Dr. Feng is an assistant professor at the Department of Economics, Iowa State University. She is also the Endowed Professor for Excellence in Agricultural Economics and the Director of the MSAE program. Dr. Feng conducts research and teaches in the areas of agriculture, the environment, and the interface of the two. She has contributed to the understanding of agriculture as a managed ecosystem and examined incentives, policies, and ecological consequences related to various agricultural and land use practices.

One area of her current research is the trends and determinants of land uses and agricultural production systems in the United States. Another current research area investigates farmers’ strategic and operational decision making with a behavioral economics approach. Examples of specific research topics include how climate and social infrastructure have impacted the evolution of regional land use patterns in the U.S. Corn Belt; what are the likely intended and unintended consequences of agri-environmental policies; and what roles economic, psychological, and social factors play in farmers’ decision making (regarding, e.g., land uses, crop insurances, grazing practices, and antibiotics use). Dr. Feng collaborates closely with other economists and colleagues from other social and natural science disciplines.

Research and Outreach Interests

  • Environmental and Resource Economics, Agricultural Economics
  • Example research topics include agricultural and environmental policies, climate change, GHG emissions, solar energy, land use changes, crop insurance, antibiotics use, adoption of conservation practices, and the economics and biophysical modeling of water and soil quality.

Teaching Experience

  • Natural Resource Economics (Michigan State University, EEP 460)
  • Decision Making in Ag-Food System (Michigan State University, ABM/FIM 100)
  • Data Analysis for the Agri-Food System (Michigan State University, ABM 203)
  • The Economies of China and India (Iowa State University, Econ 387, co-taught)
  • Environmental and Resource Economics (Iowa State University, Econ/Env S 380)
  • Public Finance (Iowa State University, Econ 344)
Area of Expertise: 
Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics
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